5D CNC milling, 3D CNC milling, conventional milling

At our company, we are able to produce highly complex workpieces with 5- and 3-axis milling technology using state-of-the-art CAD/CAM systems and highly skilled professionals. Thanks to our 6 newly purchased CNC machining centers and their professional tooling, we are able to produce quickly and cost-effectively in the 750 x 600 x 520 mm size range, up to 1360 kg workpiece weight. Our CNC machining centers are equipped with precision measuring gauges, which allow an accuracy of ± 0.001 mm. We carry out all milling tasks on our CNC machines wherever possible, but our horizontal hardened bed boring-milling machine with a size of 1120 x 1600 mm is capable of machining larger workpieces.


CNC lathe, conventional lathe

Our machine park includes 3 newly purchased high-tech CNC lathes with driven tooling and bar feeders, suitable for both custom and series production. We are able to perform various complex turning tasks with an accuracy of up to ±0.005 mm in a size range of Ø315 x 627 mm.

Thanks to the combination of milling and turning technologies, the workpiece can be machined from a single fixture to a finished part, ensuring the correct accuracy of the critical dimensions in relation to each other. We also undertake the production of shaft-type workpieces on our universal lathes up to Ø1200x800mm and Ø 510x1500mm.


Surface grinding

We can grind a wide range of prismatic parts using the flat grinding machines available in our machine park. Our precision grinding machine is capable of grinding high hardness materials with dimensional accuracy and excellent surface quality, which is even accepted in the tool industry. We can undertake surface grinding up to a clamping size of 460x1200mm.


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